Thursday, January 5, 2017


This is Square Hue Vogue, which was in my 2016 favorites:
I think this was from the 1990s part of the Decades collection, from 2015 (referring to the Madonna song, presumably, not the magazine). It's a nice, dark, slightly berry-leaning red shimmer, but it doesn't look all that outstanding here. The reason it was in my favorites was because I really loved it when I actually wore it - whatever I was seeing there I'm not really seeing here, as far as something extraordinary. Obviously I need to try it again and see if I still like it so much!

(Probably not an easily-available polish, since it was LE and is from over a year ago. For a while Square Hue was selling single bottles of some of these on its website but they seem to have discontinued that again now.)

Added: here's the previous swatch picture of Vogue. And here's the manicure picture that I was pretty sure existed but I couldn't find til now.

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