Sunday, January 8, 2017

NOTD: Cherry Fast + G-listen To Your Heart (matte)

I didn't have a great week. In fact I was so out of it that I went to work without any nail polish on, one day, which I never do. And the next day I had still only gotten as far as base-coat, but I did stop and to grab a bottle of polish on the way out the door. It was one of those Insta-Dri polishes that I bought a couple of months ago - Cherry Fast. Actually Insta-Dri is really good for the kind of day where you're still working on your nails in the car parked across the street from work, since it dries so fabulously fast. I know some of you more-organized people would probably never contemplate such a thing, and I actually have really cut down on doing that recently, but I did it this time. So here's Cherry Fast (actually taken in the car - sloppy mani, dry cuticles and all, sorry!):
I didn't even have time to put top-coat on, and now a day later, I can see that this manicure isn't going to hold up too well without it. It already had tipwear before I got off of my short Friday shift.

I was thinking that I had a glitter that would match this pretty well, and actually it matched much better than I thought - that was one of my old Sephora by OPI polishes, G-listen To Your Heart. I patched the tips up but they're already wearing again, and you can see all the flaws from the original manicure still under there, but I count this one a win, because it's a great combination. This is multiple coats of G-listen To Your Heart, I should mention - I think it was three. It goes on too light for me to be satisfied with one. (Cherry Fast is a total one-coater, though, so it averages out.)
This is with Matte Me Crazy on top, too. It still glimmers more definitely than you can see here, but it's muted down a good bit from how it would look with regular top-coat. That seems to be the only way I like glitters lately.

I wanted to show the bottles and so I did a quick swatch while I was at it - this is what it looks like with only one coat of the glitter (and no top-coat, matte or otherwise):

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