Saturday, January 7, 2017


This is Zoya Ivanka, which was in my 2016 favorites:
Zoya calls this polish "emerald" and then they go on and talk in the next sentence about it having a forest-green base and a "hint of emerald" and then they also talk about mermaid green. It seems to me that they're contradicting themselves somewhere in there, but to me, this is mermaid green. It's a little bit blue-green (which could come from the "forest" part, because forest greens often lean a little blue) and it's packed with gold glitter. It's really beautiful.

I also have to say that I thought about leaving this out of my favorites because I have so many feels about the name of it. And I'm just going to say that and not go on and discuss those feels, because this is a nail polish blog, not a place for politics - at least, that's how I've always looked at it. Let's just say I have trouble dissociating the name from the polish, and leave it at that.

So clearly I have mixed feelings about this polish in a couple of different ways. But there's no denying that (name issues aside, precise shade issues aside) it's a very, very beautiful polish which I wore for the first time in 2016, and thus it stayed in my favorites.

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