Thursday, January 12, 2017

Small Dim Summer Stars

This is Rescue Beauty Lounge Small Dim Summer Stars, which was in my 2016 favorites:
This is basically a black or really dark charcoal - it's hard to be sure about that - with a lot of microglitter stuff going on. This was from the RBL "A Poem" collection, and to my knowledge the only descriptions Ji ever released about them were in a sort of poem form. Scrangie helpfully provided that quote (which is good since RBL's website is no more):
Lost in the woods on a moonless, un-illuminated night, they stumble through the darkness. Looking up at the sky amid the fragrant forest, the weeping willow tree branches recite a monologue in the distance. A whippoorwill sopranos—its cadenza joins to compete. Then they appeared, countless tiny stars embedded in the dark sky, it was always there to be found in every gentle, trusting heart. This sweltering silvery black base hammered with multifaceted and spectacular green, blue, pink, shimmery, glittery twinkling stars will bring you back to that summer night long ago, full of wonder and beauty.
Actually I guess the basic information is in there, isn't it? - silvery black base and green, blue, and pink sparkly stuff. It's just hidden by all the poetic stuff.

You might can find these on eBay or somewhere, but RBL is out of business. I bought mine when they were having their final sale; in retrospect, I wish I'd bought more. But then isn't that how it always goes?

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