Monday, January 16, 2017

Concealer & more from Sephora

My first Sephora order of 2017 is Nars concealer and some other assorted items:
(Is it properly NARS rather than Nars? You always seem to see it in all-caps. But I'm going to be contrary and capitalize it normally instead. I just paid $30 for their concealer so I can capitalize it how I want, I figure.)

I had bought a small size of this concealer before, and was hoping it would last forever and I wouldn't need to buy another one. But I really like it, and while it's not gone yet, it doesn't actually seem like it will last forever so I decided to go ahead and buy a full-size one. The travel size only comes in two colors, Vanilla and Custard. I had Vanilla before and it worked fine, but it's actually quite pale, so I decided to get one shade darker this time. One shade darker here is apparently Creme Brulee, and it's pink-toned rather than peachy (which is presumably the same thing that most brands call being cool-toned rather than warm), so that's what I wanted. Actually when I tried to do a swatch it disappeared almost completely on the side of my wrist, so I guess that means it matches my skin almost exactly, right? They usually say you should get a concealer that's slightly lighter than your skin, but unless it proves to be a problem, I'll probably just stick with it. (It's reassuring to know that Sephora would let me change it out if it turned out to be necessary, though.)

The other thing I bought was the Well-Kept towelettes, which are meant to clean your phone with and so forth. This is supposed to help with your skin, although quite honestly, I talk on my phone so little that I wasn't terribly interested in that aspect of it. I figured it would be nice to have them to use just on a basis of general hygiene, though. I don't talk on my phone but I do use it a great deal and since I drop it pretty regularly, it (or rather the Otterbox that regularly saves it from my clumsiness) could undoubtedly stand to be cleaned a bit more often.

And then the other two things I didn't pay extra for - they are both deluxe samples. One was a weekly special thing and the other was a 100-point bonus. I'm not entirely sure which is which, to be quite honest. They are both from Fresh:
The one on top, the Vitamin Nectar (which is a mask) was the 100-point bonus, I think, and the other one was the freebie for spending over $25. That one is Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream, which sounds like it would be rose-scented but if it is it's not noticeable to me. (Possibly it's very-faintly scented, so faintly that it doesn't penetrate my stopped-up nose.) It seems to work more than adequately as a moisturizer, though.

The Vitamin Nectar is rather alarming when you open it:
It's the one on the left. It looks to me like you're putting marmalade on your face or something like that. But I've tried it and it feels just fine. It has a vaguely-fruity smell but nothing repulsive. The rose creme is just your standard white moisturizer like every other one I have. (When I stuck my nose right into it, it proved to have that very faint rose scent that I suspected.)

I actually considered buying another moisturizer too - this one, which I had a sample of and quite liked. But honestly, I have about a dozen deluxe-sample sized moisturizers of various kinds around here - very possibly more than a dozen - and a couple of full-sized ones too, and I really need to just use all those up before I go paying for more. So I quashed myself on that one. Sephora will have to wait 'til later for more of my money. I'm sure it won't be long.

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