Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This is No7 Gel Finish Pillarbox:
This is a pretty. shiny. neutral red - I think it's maybe just a hair blue-leaning. You can see fuchsia glints in the bottle, that's what leads me to think that.

These are the first products I've owned from this brand. I've never noticed No7 nail polishes in the Walgreens store I go in the most regularly (which is the one near my work) even though I know No7 is Boots, the British drugstore chain, and Boots and Walgreen's merged, what, a couple of years ago now. One of the Walgreens near my home remodeled a year or so ago and it has a big No7 section, but for whatever reason I hardly ever go in that store. These polishes are on Walgreens' website and I'm pretty sure they must be in at least some stores, too.

I got the idea back before Christmas to order their moisturizer to try out (I actually ordered a serum and an eye cream, I'll show those below) from the website, and this little set ("Little Box of Beauty") was a gift with purchase. It had a lipstick and the nail polish, both of which are Pillarbox.
I actually ended up giving the lipstick away, because I just don't wear red lipstick much. I kept the nail polish despite the fact that I don't seem to wear red polish much these days either (although I have worn it a lot in the past).

Here are the other two products I bought. I can't tell you much about it yet, though, because I've been using up my old moisturizer. I'll report back on that later.

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