Sunday, January 29, 2017

NOTD: I Wanna Be A Part Of It, No Rest For The Wicked

I was thinking today that I really should have given my blog some name that reflects my, um, tolerance of imperfection, instead of this very vague name (derived from an earlier jewelry and crafting blog) that tells you nothing much. Imperfectly Painted comes to mind, only of course that one's taken. I usually feel compelled to apologize for the messy manicures I post, but then I also eventually just give up, most of the time, and post the things anyway. Because it's generally the only way I'm ever going to post anything. I imagine the people who can't tolerate that ran away shrieking ages ago.

All that is my lead-in to posting not one but two messy manicures. (And possibly the one where one of them is falling apart. I haven't quite worked up to that one yet, but I'll probably say "the hell with it" and post it anyway, as usual, by the time I get down to the bottom of this entry.)

This is I Wanna Be A Part Of It, from Ever After. I had not tried this indie brand before. And this polish is LE and you might (or might not) be able to find it at PolishCon later this spring, but other than that, probably not. I just happened to stumble on this - they are selling LE polishes on sort of a rotating schedule at a Big Cartel website. They rotate them out weekly, I think it's on Sundays that they change out.

Anyway, this tends to look grayish but it's actually a very pale purple with darker purple flakes in it. It's really pretty and I'm still wearing it as I write this and it's wearing well.

And here is No Rest For The Wicked:
I talked about this over here and I mentioned that I had wear problems, particularly what you see below.

It was already chipping (particularly on the other hand) before this happened, but this one was disconcerting. It's a really pretty polish, as you can see, so I hope this was just one of those things where it's a one-time problem.

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