Sunday, January 15, 2017

NOTD: Pearl Jammin'

This is not a great picture, by any means, but it's what I've got and I'm going with it:
I had cut all my nails short to (approximately) match the very shortest one in the middle there - that one is very short because it broke, so I didn't cut the rest of them quite short enough to match. I keep them pretty short these days anyway, but not ideally quite this short. (I finally started taking biotin, a month or more ago now, so it's going to be interesting to see whether it actually helps with breakage, which has been a big problem for me. There's a visible line across my nails when they're bare, that's made it about halfway up now. I'm hoping that's a good sign.) (Also, this picture annoys me because it looks like I cut a couple of nails really crooked, but I swear it's just the angle!)

Anyway,  I think this was three coats of Pearl Jammin' - I don't honestly think this is my color, but it is really pretty. It almost seems to actively clash with my skin-tone. I probably should have known better than to buy it in the first place, it's so pale. But I do like it - maybe I should try layering it over something and see if that helps.

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