Thursday, January 5, 2017

Poppy Fields

This is Serum No. 5 Poppy Fields (a mini):
This is Poppy Fields by itself - you can tell that it has a jelly base, and then over I'm Not Really A Waitress. It's three coats in each case. I really think it looks beautiful layered over INRAW. The picture doesn't really capture that effect the jelly gives of depth, especially with this many coats. It has several shapes and colors of glitter in there - there are some very small black bits, plus larger gold and red pieces.

I've had trouble remembering over the years if this was Poppy Field(s) singular or plural - somewhere along the line I got it in my head that it was singular. Actually I assume this is supposed to have that WWI connotation of the poppies in Flanders Fields, so yeah, plural. You can see it right on the bottom of the label in this picture if you look close.

Ooh, look at it over Chanel Taboo.

Re availability: not on S-No5's website. I think it may have been LE in the first place but I'm not sure of that. My guess is that it's not easily obtainable.

(If you're looking at the "fail" tag by any chance, and wondering if something is wrong with Poppy Fields, no, in this case it was MY fail. The first time I posted this it was with an entirely wrong swatch.)

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