Wednesday, January 4, 2017


This is Zoya Alice, which is a Pixie Dust and which was on my 2016 favorites list.
I didn't put it in the top 5 (of 2016), but I thought about it. But I already had Aster and Poltergeist Puddle (which are the two above it on the wheel) in the top 5, so I bumped this one out. Too many purples. But I think this one and Purple Fiction were effectively #6 and #7 (in which order probably depended on when you asked me).

I just got Alice recently; it was one of the ones I bought from the Black Friday sale. Here it is actually on my hand. This is an almost brand-new release, actually - it's from Zoya's 2016 holiday collection.

I noticed there is a newer Zoya collection now, another nude-colored set (Naturel 3, to be precise) but since nudes are not my thing I didn't stop to look too closely at that until just now. It's another 6 nudes, looks like. I bought one polish from the previous two Naturel collections and that was Odette, which I like but honestly haven't worn much. (And it's no coincidence that I picked one of the least-nude colors out of the nude collection.) Maybe it's because I don't like my stupid pasty-pale skin color much that I'm not interested in nudes. Why would I want to match it, of all things?

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