Thursday, December 8, 2016

NOTD: Alice

This is Zoya Alice (which is a Pixie Dust), plus matte top-coat:
Without the top-coat this is much more sparkly. With it (I used Matte Me Crazy, 1 coat), the sparkle is still there but it's muted. This is two coats of Alice and I am really in love with this color - it's somewhat similar to Aster, which I have also been loving lately. (Aster is quite a bit paler and has heavy shimmer instead of the holo sparkle - and no texture, of course.)

Alice is from Zoya's current holiday collection, Enchanted.

I haven't gotten around to taking bottle pictures yet of my new Zoyas, although I've got them swatched so I should have that up soon. I restrained myself with the 70% off sale on Black Friday and only bought four. (I think I have something like 75-80 Zoya polishes total, so my Zoya wish-list just isn't as long as it used to be!)

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