Sunday, December 4, 2016

KL Polish

So in case you don't already know about this, YouTube's Kathleen Lights is the new polish-seller on the block. KL Polish opens officially on Monday December 5th, but there's already been a pre-order which is all sold out. (Maybe if I spent more time on Instagram I'd even know how large the pre-order was, but I don't.) The website is up; the colors are all cremes in this first set. She's starting with only 6 polishes. She created the colors but she's not actually making the polishes herself - it's not a traditional indie.
She says there that there will be seasonal collections and they will not all be cremes in the future.

A lot of these colors are very warm-toned and not really my kind of thing, but I think they're pretty interesting colors. If I was going to buy something from this set it would be the cooler-toned ones - Gumption or maybe Zoey. I like Kathleen Lights so I hope this goes well for her - but judging from the fast sellout on the pre-order, it doesn't seem like that's going to be a problem.

Added: I just looked and the restock/official opening starts at 9am Eastern/6am Pacific, so that's just a few hours away. Since I haven't been to bed yet, probably by the time I get up they'll all be sold out again! As of 2:20 CST on Monday, I just looked and nothing seems to have sold out yet, just for the record. I'm not sure that I'm going to buy anything, but if it was a color I could wear, Caramello is actually pretty awesome.

(I feel like I keep putting this postscript on every other entry lately, but I figure it's better to be clear: this is not a sponsored post.)

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