Sunday, December 11, 2016

Color of the Year: Greenery

So, the Pantone color of the year for 2017 is "Greenery":
I like this. If you look at the actual swatch of Pantone 15-0343, it's a little duller than the feeling you get from this picture, but then I've learned over the years that Pantone is generally going for a general idea of a color more than one specific shade. In this case it's a spring green - sort of the color of hope! The NY Times article does the best job I've seen of telling how Pantone arrives at these decisions.

I've had a partial entry for this up and ready to go for a couple of weeks, because I knew they always announced this in early December, but then when they finally announced it I was busy and it took me a day or two to get back to it. I had done a little speculating about what it might be. I had seen a blogger predicting Hunter Green for 2017, and another one saying Kale, I believe, but I wasn't sure Pantone would pick any green because Emerald was the color of the year only a few years ago. I've seen various theories about how Pantone chooses - bouncing around the color wheel, for example. My semi-educated guess was yellow, because they haven't had a yellow since 2009. I knew there was a yellow (Primrose Yellow, I believe) on their spring 2017 list. But Greenery was also on the spring list. And for that matter, Greenery is a yellow-leaning green, so I wasn't actually all that far off, there, still.

I'll have to come back later to the issue of what polishes might be close to this. (The one that pops in my head from my own stash is Ivy League, but really it's more lime than I think Pantone really had in mind.) (Kaboom is also shown with Ivy League, and I noticed somewhere a quote about Pantone saying that Greenery was "warm plus cool" which is pretty much literally what Kaboom/Floam is - a chartreuse green plus a blue-green. So to some degree that might be pretty close to the mark, too.)

Pantone put up a cool little clip on their Instagram showing the color being mixed. (I'm always saying I need to spend more time on Instagram. I was all into it early on - by which I mean years ago, now - and then now that everybody else has jumped on the bandwagon, I find it a little overwhelming! But there's a lot of good information that I miss because I don't mess with it enough.)

(Added: I've poked around some and honestly, I'm not finding a whole lot of nail polishes in colors like this. I hope every polish company has some in their spring collection - those should be coming out right away, anyway!)

Here's some more articles from different sources. I always find that reading different articles about the Color of the Year gives me a better overall picture of what Pantone was going for. Pantone's own announcements are sometimes sort of... opaque.
Huffington PostVogueForbesCNN/MoneyPeopleUs

And for reference, here's the last 10 Pantone Colors of the Year:
2016: Rose Quartz/Serenity
2015: Marsala
2014: Radiant Orchid
2013: Emerald
2012: Tangerine Tango
2011: Honeysuckle
2010: Turquoise
2009: Mimosa
2008: Blue Iris
2007: Chili Pepper

This entry has a chart that shows all the 2000-2014 picks, and the 2015 one is shown there as well.)

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