Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kaboom, Ivy League

This is Salon Perfect Kaboom and Xtreme Wear Ivy League:
As you can see, there's a big line across the bottle of Kaboom, indicating that the polish inside isn't moving around too much. In fact, I barely got enough out of this to swatch - I'm not sure if I actually threw this bottle away after I took the picture, but clearly if I didn't, I need to. Kaboom is meant to be a dupe of Floam, which is sort of a legendary polish, and, when I poked around, seems to actually be available again (via the link above). It's been mostly-not-available for years, every time I looked. (If I remember my nail polish history right, Ninja Polish bought the rights to the Floam name and formula from the person who had originally come up with it the idea, so what Ninja Polish sells is as close to the original Floam as you can reasonably get.) Kaboom also shows up as available, so check your local Walmart for that. I've got this in with the greens, but if you look really close you will see it's not truly green, or at least it skirts around the edges of green - it's got little textury bits of two colors, sort of a neon blue-green and a neon chartreuse, or yellow-green. It's temperamental but it's lots of fun, which I guess is why it's still around. Both Floam and Kaboom have this same basic mix, although it's hard to say if individual bottles will really look exactly the same.

Ivy League is an old Xtreme Wear color (not current, I checked) and it's a metallic lime that's really too yellow to be flattering on me, although I have compensated over the years by wearing it over a base of some darker green.

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