Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Irene, Leaf Him At The Altar

Zoya Irene and Sephora by OPI Leaf Him At The Altar:
These are somewhat yellow-leaning greens - and both discontinued, for the record, but you should be able to find others that are fairly similar. Leaf Me Him At The Altar is a medium metallic green; Irene is mossy with golden-brown shimmer. I really do like Irene, in particular, a lot, and it's surprising because I was just sure after I bought it that it would be too yellow for me. For some reason it does not seem to read terribly yellow on me, even though in the bottle (and even on the wheel swatch) it does look fairly yellow-ish. Go figure.

Added: I had the name of the S-OPI polish wrong - I sometimes fail to double-check myself properly when I'm tired. I had "Leaf Me At The Altar" which doesn't really even make sense. It's Leaf HIM.

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