Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Glitter All The Way, Locavore

This is China Glaze Glitter All The Way and Rescue Beauty Locavore:
I knew I hadn't seen Locavore in with the greens and so I started poking around and found this in with a bunch of multicolor glitters (in the computer folder, I mean) - but since Locavore is pretty definitely green I thought I might as well throw this in here. Glitter All The Way is from a China Glaze holiday collection some years ago; presumably it's meant to be a holiday glitter mix but it's so heavy on the purple and green (with some gold and I think also an extremely small scattering of red) that it comes out looking like Mardi Gras instead, and that's how I've always used it. Locavore is mixed greens and gold, and considerably more sparse. I really love Locavore on a green base.

(I was going to say that probably neither of these is easily obtainable, but Glitter All The Way was available on Amazon when I looked. Many beauty supplies seem to keep lots of old China Glaze & OPI colors in stock, so I don't know why I'm surprised. I'm pretty sure it's not a current color, though.)

(And I'm really tempted to go buy myself a backup, now that I know that I can. I'm trying to resist.)

Update: I did buy the backup. I'm weak - but also I really do like this polish and I was dreading running out of it eventually!
Here's a Rikki/Locavore mani and a Glitter All The Way/Mingle With Kringle mani

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