Saturday, September 24, 2016

Optical Illusion

This is SpaRitual Optical Illusion:
I bought this specifically as a Halloween polish - it's the only SpaRitual polish I own. It was listed as a dupe for one of those funky Halloween greens like China Glaze Zombie Zest, which are older and now harder to find. (I know I've used the phrase "funky greens" several times already to describe green polishes, and part of what I mean is that they're the kind of green you might trot out at Halloween, those sort of mossy and/or yellowish greens that are just not your average green color, you know? I don't really know a better way to describe it than that.) This polish is super-sheer - you can see how yellowish it looks on the nail and I think that's at least a couple of coats. I seem to remember it taking four to five coats to even approximate the color you see in the bottle.

(Added: later re-swatched this as part of a "thinking about destashing" series.)

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