Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pyrite, Gold Glitz

This is Pahlish Pyrite and Milani Gold Glitz:
As I mentioned a couple of entries back, I just can't wear yellow and so I don't own any yellow polishes at all. I do have a number of metallic gold ones, though, so those are standing in for yellow on my color wheel. And since Pyrite is seemingly the most yellow-gold one, I'm starting off with it. It has a smoother texture than most of these polishes - I think that Pyrite is actually a flakie rather than a regular glitter, and thus smoother. As you can see, it's also more of a true metallic gold than most of them. It's really beautiful. Gold Glitz is also very beautiful, but it looks like it has bronze pieces mixed in with the gold, and a more textured finish.

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