Wednesday, September 28, 2016


This is Orly Glitz (along with Milani Gold Glitz which I've already shown once):
The reason I'm showing Gold Glitz along with Glitz is that I swatched them together. Glitz (the Orly one, that is) is just a gold metallic. Very gold, very shimmery. On the tip of the same nail, I added Gold Glitz (the Milani). I don't think I've ever done a manicure like this but I actually think the gold-over-gold thing would be really nice around the holidays.

As near as I can recall, Orly put a whole bunch of metallic/foil polishes out around the same time, quite a few years ago now. I'm not sure if Glitz was in the same collection as Rage (which I have and I'll probably show soon, but I imagine many people are already familiar with) but they are definitely similar formulas. I poked around online and didn't find an answer about that immediately. Note that there is also an Orly polish called "Glitz and Glamour" which is not the same thing - I think it's a more brassy gold. (Neither Glitz nor Glitz and Glamour seem to be current colors.)

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