Friday, September 9, 2016

Sweet Peacock layers

Here's some new swatches based on Orly Sweet Peacock - the polish page for SP is here, but this is mostly based on a mani from a while back. As I said then, I did Sweet Peacock with matte top-coat for a couple of days and then I decided I wanted a bit more pop, so I added Blue Majesty and mattified that. I didn't get a picture of all the stages when it was on my hands so I thought I would recreate it with nail wheels.

Below we have Sweet Peacock (the center one of the three blue swatches) by itself at the very bottom of the nail and with matte top-coat at the top, and below that NYC Blue Majesty over SP (same deal, matte top-coat at the top, but without it at the bottom). I think both of them look really nice.

Then we have a bonus combination of SP with Never Too Rich:
I really like this one as well. it's interesting. I feel like it would be especially good as a holiday polish.

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