Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This is China Glaze Agro:
This is from the Hunger Games tie-in collection for the first movie, which they changed to "Capitol Colors" or the "Capitol Collection" or something like that after it became controversial. This one was meant to be for the Agriculture District (which as I recall was District 2, but I could be wrong). Anyway, this is a metallic in a nice golden-olive sort of color which I really like. It sounds like a warm color from that description but I don't find that it looks bad on me.

Now that everybody is used to hearing about The Hunger Games it's hard to think back and remember that this was controversial, but if you think about it, a nail polish which is in "tribute" - you might say - to a dystopian series about a world where children are forced to fight to the death... honestly, I'm a bit surprised that China Glaze and/or their corporate overlords didn't see that controversy coming, but evidently they didn't. It did make somewhat more sense to have the nail polish tied into the frivolous world of the capitol, and Cover Girl continued that approach with their collection for the second movie, as well.

This is not a current China Glaze color, but it was very widely available at the time and a quick search on Amazon leads me to more than one listing for it, so you can still get your hands on this one if you want it.

More info:
This ALU link has more about the controversy if you're interested.

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