Monday, September 26, 2016

Hipster Chick, unlabeled

This is Chick Hipster Chick and an unlabeled yellow-green metallic:
Hipster Chick is the yellowest polish I can imagine myself actually wearing. The unlabeled polish looks lime in the bottle but is much more yellow on the wheel, and I would never consider wearing it without something much more neutral underneath it. (But I haven't ever worn it and probably I should just put it in the destash box.) Hipster Chick I really like, though. Probably it helps a lot that it's actually more neutral than it looks - that is, it leans yellow but much less so than the unlabeled one next to it on the wheel. And it's got scattered holo glitter in it.

By way of explanation for my attitude about yellow and yellow-leaning colors... I've mentioned this before and undoubtedly will repeat it again later: yellows make me look yellow. I don't wear yellow clothing, I don't own a single yellow polish. They're just unflattering on me. Some yellowish-greens have slid into my collection over the years but I don't own much in the way of yellow-oranges at all. Metallic gold seems to look ok, but that's different, somehow - in fact I'm intending to substitute the metallic golds for yellow on my trip around the color wheel since that's the only thing I own that's even close. That should start in a couple of days, in fact, since I only have one more yellow-green to go after this one.

Re availability: Chick Polish hasn't been heard from in ages that I know of. I really liked them, so I'm sorry that they're apparently gone. These unlabeled polishes came from a set that was called "Color Theory" but I think that what they are is L.A.Colors, so if by some chance you're in love with this polish, that's a place to check.

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