Monday, September 19, 2016

More samples from Sephora

This promo is over now, but this set was available last week as a VIB promo along with the extra-points promotion that they were having. You had to be VIB or VIB Rouge to get this, and you had to make a $35 purchase, but as it happened there was a Briogeo hair mask that I had convinced myself was worth the money, so I went ahead and got that, so I ended up with the hair mask + extra points + all of this:
So there was a bag plus 8 samples, I think it said - and actually I'm counting 10 items here including the bag so probably one of these things (the Givenchy sample, I'm guessing) must just be part of the standard 3-samples-with-every-purchase thing. I would call this a really good deal, in any case, because there's five items here that I would call "premium" samples, plus the bag. The little Fresh folder just contains little flat samples, but there are three of them so that's still pretty nice. Basically you get at least the equivalent of your average Sephora Play box (which is $10) plus the bag, which is cute and good-sized and is probably worth $5 or so by itself, plus the Fresh folder and the lipstick samples at the top, which are Estee Lauder.

(Sephora's website is down as I write this in the middle of the night, so I can't find the links directly to them right now, but here's the Briogeo mask - I had a sample of it from a previous month's Play box and I really liked it.)

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