Saturday, September 17, 2016

NOTD: Maisie over Zuza

There's noticeable wear on this manicure, but on the other hand the bottom layers of this had been on for a solid week by this point:
So I call that a big win. I used to love wearing Chloe back in the day for the same reason. A couple of coats of it makes things really wear well, and it looks cool, too.

I first did basecoat + one coat of Zuza + two coats of Maisie - I don't think I did a further top coat - and I wore that for a few days, and then when it started chipping I patched up the tips with more Zuza and then put a couple more coats of Maisie on top of the whole thing. This is also why I went through multiple bottles of Chloe, of course, and if I keep this up - which I'm tempted to - I'll go through my bottle of Maisie real fast, too. (It's probably about half full, now.) On the other hand, I really have not ever found anything to layer it over that I like as much as Zuza, and I try not to repeat manicures too much. And summer is over and I'm really fighting the urge to swing into fall colors soon. (It's all the way down to 80-some degrees now. Woo, fall.)

And I'm wearing Zoya Teigen now so I guess you'd have to say I gave in on the fall-colors point. It's pinkish-red, or really more raspberry-ish, but it's darker and definitely reads more towards the fall end of things.

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