Monday, September 26, 2016

A Dragon Is Not A Slave

This is Paint Box Polish A Dragon Is Not A Slave:
As you might guess, this is a Game of Thrones themed polish, and it's still available. It looks more green in PBP's swatches than it does in mine - it's a green base with gold holo glitter.

I think the general meaning of the name is pretty obvious, but if you want to know where in the TV series it comes from, you can find the scene on YouTube by googling that phrase. (I don't usually try to link things like that because individual videos seem to come and go.) It's disturbing, though, so be warned.

More info:
from a collection called "Dragons Are a Girl's Best Friend"
Seller's description:
"A Dragon Is Not A Slave is a vibrant green jelly with fabulous gold holo hexes that are absolutely brilliant! This polish is inspired by Rhaegal, one of the Khaleesi's dragons from Game of Thrones. Two to three coats of this beauty will ensure no visible nail lines, but come on. Who's going to notice your nail line?"
Pointless Cafe's swatches

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