Monday, September 12, 2016

Look At The Flowers Lizzie

This is Dollish Polish Look At The Flowers, Lizzie:
This is a Walking Dead reference, and if you've watched any Walking Dead, well, it's just as perverse as you might guess. (You can probably find the scene in question on YouTube by googling the polish name, but the scene by itself is not self-explanatory. I had to get my husband to explain what was going on - or rather why that was going on - because I quit watching Walking Dead before the point where this happened.) Anyway, it is really a pretty good match for the colors of the meadow greenery in that scene. It's very sheer and probably needs to go over a pale-green base of some sort. (The two above this on the wheel look like possible candidates.) I do actually like this polish and I wasn't sure I would. But it was part of an LE set a couple of years ago and so is probably not easily obtained.

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