Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NOTD: Black Diamond, matte

This is Pretty Serious Black Diamond, two coats with no undies other than base-coat:
It's pretty much opaque with two coats (I did do a little dabbing in a couple of spots), but I think when I wear it again I'm going to put Black Creme under it, just because you can't get this kind of polish to wrap around the tips & sides like I'd like. Considering the type of glitter - i.e., definitely on the chunky side - it does go on relatively smooth, but I did use a coat of Glitter Food under the matte top-coat. If you really like your polish to have a super-glass-slick finish, I would say you might want two coats of Glitter Food (or Gelous, or whatever). But one did well enough to suit me.

I never posted a picture or anything last week, but what I wore all week was Pretty Gritty - by itself for a couple of days, and then after it had (inevitably) chipped a little I patched the tips up and put Jin Soon Gossamer on top. (That's my #1 manicure extending trick, if you haven't figured that out already: use the original polish to patch, then add a coat of some sort of topper - my favorites for this are Gossamer, Travel In Colour (China Glaze), or Bubblegum Punk (RBL), something that changes it up just a little without being too drastic.)

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