Friday, September 2, 2016

Lodgepole Pine, Meow Meow

This is Square Hue Lodgepole Pine and Rescue Beauty Lounge Meow Meow:
The Square Hue polish was from this past January, so it's the Adventure Series and I had "Hike Banff" on my spreadsheet so that was presumably that month's theme. (All Square Hue polishes are LE but check their website if you fall in love with something because they do sell off their leftovers, as I understand it.) And then the RBL was from an Italian-themed collection - it was meant to be the color of a cat's eyes, as I recall. Anyway, it's another beautiful green glitter but I seem to have a lot of green glitters, somehow. Lodgepole Pine stands out more in my collection because I don't seem to have many dark-green cremes. (I bet these two would look very nice layered.)

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