Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Play! box for September

Here's the latest and greatest Sephora Play! box:
At least, it's great in my opinion, mostly because it has a big honkin' (1 full ounce) Dr Jart moisturizer, and I also like the Living Proof hair mask. The silver wand thing is an Anastasia clear brow gel, which is something I've never tried. (I am very resistant to doing anything to my eyebrows - I think they look just fine on their own, thank you. But if I'm going to give in on that point, something clear seems like a good place to start.)

The Tory Burch scent is also very nice. The other things are the pink Sephora lipstick which you can see the color of - I'm not crazy about that color, really - and another Kat Von D black Tattoo Liner, which I already have. But y'know, that's ok - I'll either use them or give them away, one or the other. My makeup tray is starting to seriously overflow with lipsticks, in particular, so that one might be an especially good candidate for "give."

Added: now that Sephora's website is up again (it was down on Sunday night when I originally wrote this) - it turns out that I didn't get exactly the same products that are on the website for the September box. The substitutions are fine with me because the ones I didn't get are both products I already have - the Sud Magnolia fragrance and the Ole Henricksen Sheer Transformation. I like both of those but I don't need more of them, so I'm happy to have something else to try. (I got one substituted product last month, too, but so far I haven't had that "everybody else got better stuff" feeling that I used to get from Ipsy. I don't mind substitutions if it's something truly equivalent.)

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