Friday, September 9, 2016

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow

This is OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow:
I knew I hadn't seen this polish lately, and I was digging in a box of papers (I got an extension on my taxes so I still have to finish that, ugh) and I found this bottle at the bottom of the box. Surprise! Actually I'm lucky I ever found it at all, considering. And good timing, because this is an awesome fall polish. Obviously it's very dark - I would call it a blackened green. (Nail Polish Canada's page for it says it's discontinued - I wouldn't have thought that.) This is from the Espana collection, which was... a couple of years ago, I think? I can never keep track. I would call this one of OPI's classic colors - which is why I assumed it was core. (Note that there was also a suede version of this, but clearly this is not that, this is the regular one.)

(I was poking around in old entries looking for #tbt candidates, and I noticed that I was looking for this polish in late 2014! I wonder if it was really buried in that box for a year and a half.)

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