Saturday, December 20, 2014

To Pixie Dust or not to Pixie Dust

I'm still holding out on buying any more Pixie Dusts from the BOGO sale at Zoya. I was toying with the idea - maybe Arabella? Dahlia? but I just can't convince myself that I need any of those that badly. I have so much polish now that I can't keep track of it as it is.

(For example, I was thinking about wearing Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, only I don't know where it is. I'm not terribly worried about it, though, I have a zillion other dark greens and it'll turn up. I know it's here someplace.)

From the BOGO page up there, I wandered over to Zoya polishes by color, which I always love. Pumpkin Spice. (I'm still sort of coveting Autumn, except I know I wouldn't wear it until next fall.) Marsala - which has been taking a lot of heat but which I still rather like. Reds, although I certainly don't need any more of those. Also mattes - I'm still coveting the couple I don't already have there, which is Loredana and Harlow. If those were in a BOGO sale I would be considering it more seriously. Hmm, don't they usually have some promo thing in early January?

(FYI, none of the links above - or below, for that matter - are affiliate links.)

Let's see, I've been keeping up with my nails of the day on Twitter, mostly. I'm still wearing Bad Santa, which I've had on for several days. (I still think it's the best name for a red polish ever, but I told somebody that and they just stared at me like I'm crazy, so apparently not everybody gets that concept.) It's an old Ulta color, from a "Wicked Wonderland" set some years ago. I won it in a giveaway from Karen several years ago and I don't think it was brand-new then. But they are great colors. I wore Bad Santa mattified for a couple of days, and then that was dinged-up a bit so I added another coat of polish and this time used HK Girl so they're all nice and shiny.

Base-coat-wise, I'm still using up my bottle of Sinful Colors. That's probably what's under everything I've worn lately, although I haven't been keeping very good records.

Before Bad Santa, I was wearing RGB Slate, which is about what you'd think, a somewhat-metallic gray. I wore it for a day or so but I was experimenting around with various things to put on top of it and I didn't like the results so I finally just started over completely.

Before that, I was wearing Sinful Kissy - which is supposed to be a (near) dupe for Zoya Charla. I put it over SOPI Leaf Me At The Altar, which made it lean a bit greener.

And before that, I had on Triple Shine Slick Black, and since my thing lately is that I just keep layering, after a day or so I put NYC Blue Majesty on the tips. It looked pretty cute.

(And I think that finally gets us back to SC Gilded over red, which was the last NOTD that made it onto this blog.)

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  1. I do want Vega but am hesitating getting it with another, plus shipping. I have looked at destash sales, trying to find it.