Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Playing with polish: red, Gilded, & mattified

I kept adding layers to this - for that matter I think I mentioned the bottom layer in the last entry, Via Della Spiga, which is the bright red creme. I wore that for a day or so, and then I decided I wanted something more glittery, so I added Zoya Karina, which is a somewhat darker red microglitter. Then yesterday I added Gilded (which is Sinful Colors, and which I've used several times lately). I had in mind that I wanted a lot of red showing around the edges, and I played around with it, and then put Sally Girl matte top coat on it, for good measure, and this is what I ended  up with:
It looks more gold in real life, though - let's see if you can tell better in this picture.
Anyway, I love it.

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