Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas goodies

I don't have pictures because the sun hasn't been seen at all in the last couple of days, but I got some nice stuff for Christmas. In particular, I think my aunt must have gone into Sally Beauty and asked what to get somebody who was into nail polish! (I said this to her, and she looked surprised and then laughed, which I took as a yes. I know Sally Beauty stuff when I see it.) It was Tweezerman cuticle scissors (which... well, my first reaction was, "I'd never cut my cuticles!" but I do get hangnails from time to time so it's a good thing to have, really), a 4-in-1 nail file, Bridge the Ridge basecoat, a divided acrylic tray, and OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress, which I don't have and was interested in trying. So I was really happy. I told my aunt she did good. I got a lot of stuff off my wishlist from Rob, like a couple of bottles from Pretty Serious' Blogger Collaboration collection. (One was Swatch & Learn - and I've forgotten offhand what the other one was.) I got Today I Accomplished Zero, and one of those Miracle Gel duos with a color polish plus the topcoat - and Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer, which I'd been wanting. And I got some other assorted stuff like a little crossbody bag, and a couple of gift cards.

I doubt that anybody remembers that I was talking about this a couple of months ago, but back then I had gotten a couple of Burt's Bees grab-bags, and I was planning on distributing all those lip balms and glosses and things among my female family members. Well, it turned out that this went over very well. I had kept some of the Burt's Bees stuff for myself, but there was still a lot left, and I also had a bunch of very-high-end samples that my sister had sent me, and assorted items culled from Ipsy bags and such, too. I couldn't decide how to split it up, so I enlisted my cousin's help, and we dumped it all out on the table late on Christmas Eve, and divided it all into piles, one per person, and had a great time doing that. And they all really loved it.

Today's nails are Ruby Pumps from China Glaze, two coats (with Nail Nutrition underneath, and NYC topcoat) - I've had it for a while but I hadn't gotten around to wearing it til now. Before that I had on Yule Light Up My Life, a Serum No 5 polish from last year's holiday season.

And that's all I can think of to say right now. In a few days I'll have 2014 favorites to post, and if the sun ever comes out I'll take some pictures. (Also, because I am utterly insane, I have a new stash project in mind for January. We'll see if that happens.)

Added: I forgot about this, I do have a picture of Yule Light Up My Life that I took at work and posted on Twitter. It does show off the sparkliness quite well!

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