Sunday, December 7, 2014

Marsala? + NOTD

I ganked a picture off the internet as an example of Pantone's pick for color of the year, which, if you haven't already heard, is "marsala," a red-brown.
I've heard some derision about this color, but I think it has possibilities as a "new neutral" - I don't think it's something I'd want whole outfits of, but I kind of like it. Is there a nail polish that approximates this color? So far I haven't seen one that comes very close. Lippmann Bitches Brew was suggested, that I saw, and it's sort of generally in the ballpark, I guess, but it's not very close to being this exact color at all. It's way darker. Possibly the closest thing that I own (and I'm not really a earthtones/neutral person so I don't have a lot of candidates) is OPI I Knead Sourdough, from the San Francisco collection. It looks fairly close in those pictures - closer than I would have guessed - and it's probably still obtainable, I bet. (I suspect it actually reads darker than this, though.)

As far as my own nails, I said I was going to switch to holiday colors, and so far I have. I also said I was probably going to start with Here Today Aragon Tomorrow, and that I did not do. I wanted glitter, and I didn't want to cover Aragon up with glitter the first time I wore it, so instead I covered Zoya Veruschka up with glitter - although really, the glitter wasn't all that heavy anyway, and you could totally see the base color. The glitter I used was Nyx Enchanted Forest. (Hmm, it looks pretty by itself and I'm not sure I've ever worn it that way. Maybe I'll do that this month while I'm on the red-and-green tear.) Anyway, I didn't get a picture of this combo. It was pretty but it was totally Traditional Christmas Green, just a glittery version.

Now I've gone red, and I'm wearing Via Della Spiga, from the Square Hue Milan collection, which was the October one. It's just a great classic creme red, and there's not much more to say about it. Goes on beautifully in two coats. (I guess I could say that it's what I wanted RBL Chinoise to be, and what Chinoise wasn't, somehow. Which is an old complaint of mine, but a compliment to Square Hue!)

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