Sunday, December 14, 2014

A wheel (half) full of recent purchases

I filled half of a nail wheel up with recent purchases, in no particular order (and this isn't all of them, either, it's just the ones I had handy.
I did go back and number these after I took the picture, but going from L-R:
  1. Enchanted Forest (Nyx Salon)
  2. Via Della Spiga (Square Hue Milan collection)
  3. Houston We Have A Purple (OPI Texas collection)
  4. Odette (Zoya Naturel collection)
  5. Sansa (Zoya Ignite collection)
  6. unlabeled mini (not new, but I found it under a table where I'm pretty sure it had been for a while, so don't think it had been swatched before - not that you can tell a lot)
  7. Fires of Gallifrey (Lyn B)
  8. Dovima (Zoya matte)
  9. Gilded (Sinful Colors holiday collection)
  10. Remy (Zoya Ignite collection)
I believe all of these were two coats, and I left an area at the bottom of each nail where it's only one coat so you can see where there's a difference. (It's most noticeable on Enchanted Forest at the far left.)

Here's the bottle pictures - slightly out of order but I think you've got enough information to sort it out without further help! - and below that is close-ups, with some comments.

Enchanted Forest is not nearly as forest green as I thought it was - in fact it's practically blue. (I don't think it's actually quite as blue as it looks in this picture, but it's definitely in the blue-green range, anyway.) I've worn it but I think I wore it over a dark-green base and so the blue shift wasn't noticeable. Via Della Spiga is the red and I still like it a lot. My only comment is that it does seem to lean a tiny bit to the pink side sometimes - but only a little. (That's not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned, anyway!)

So here we have Houston We Have A Purple (which is berry-pink, not purple at all, but I knew that when I bought it) and Odette, which is a slightly grayed-out purple creme. Houston We Have A Purple was one of several "sorbet"-finish colors in the Texas Collection and so far they seem really interesting. (I've tried the other one I bought, which was the orange one, but not this one yet.)

This is Zoya Sansa, which like all the Ignite colors is fabulous - much more fabulous than you can tell here - and an unnamed beige-ish mini which as I said I found under my TV table. It's one of that big collection of minis that I got for Christmas a couple of years ago. You can't tell much here but actually I think it has possibilities for layering. I'll probably play with it at some point.

This is Fires Of Gallifrey - which I've worn a couple of times, usually over something orange. I had no idea the base was actually this pinkish! And the black is Zoya Dovima, one of the matte velvets. (There were six of them in the last re-release and I have four of them. I'm always using them so I'm really tempted to get the last two, too, before they become unavailable again.)

This is Gilded, which I've been wearing like crazy lately but it's still interesting to see what it looks like on its own, and Remy, the blue Ignite polish. Which looks amazing - I haven't tried it yet.

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