Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Y'all Come Back Ya Hear

I think I mentioned a couple of entries back that I had bought some 1/2 price OPIs from Sleek Nail - well, they came extremely quickly and I am wearing one of them now and I'm very satisfied with that purchase. I bought 2 polishes from the Texas collection from a couple of years ago, Houston We Have A Purple (which does not appear to be purple at all but more like a berry) and Y'all Come Back Now Ya Hear? (a very bright orange) - both of these are what OPI called "sorbets" but which seem to me to pretty much be jellies in my limited experience here. I just did a jelly sandwich with YCBNYH and Sinful Gilded which is very pretty - I did 2 coats of the OPI, 1 of Gilded and another YCBNYH coat on top of that. There's still some visible nail line even after that many coats but I can deal with it.

Added: I posted the two iPhone pictures below and then I found this picture on the memory card of my camera, which I seems to be the same manicure, and which looks considerably more like I feel like the manicure actually looked. I usually only take pictures with the Canon when I have daylight; the iPhone pictures tend to be taken whenever I think of taking them and have any kind of decent light, which in this case was under the fluorescents at work. So I'm sure that accounts for a lot of the difference. (The Canon is about 10 years old; it's an old A510 with a whoppin' 3.2 MP. So I'm not sure saying it's a "better" camera than the iPhone is entirely accurate. It does have things like a macro setting that the iPhone does not, though.)
(above: Canon - below: iPhone)

The other thing I bought was Here Today Aragon Tomorrow which is on my unofficial lemming list and has been for ages. (It's unofficial because I never have made an "official" one. There's no list anywhere except in my head. I try not to obsess about polishes I don't have, there are too many of them!)

I do have another type of list going that I've never made before, though, and that's a shortlist for Favorite Polishes of 2014. I've never done a yearly favorites list before because I've just never been organized enough. But the other day I went through blog entries and compiled a (fairly long) list of things I loved, and then cut that list down to a smaller one - I'll have to wait and see what I wear in December that I fall in love with before I can get any further than that. I'll probably do a top 10, I imagine, if I can decide on ten. (I do think I know what my polish of the year is, unless something comes along to bump it off - but I'm obviously not going to tell you now.) I decided my criteria was going to be that it had to be something that I wore for the first time in 2014, rather than something that was released or that I bought in 2014, just because that's easier to track, mostly. I don't care about when things were released, and limiting it to things I actually bought in 2014 cut out most of what I wore in January and half of what I wore in February, which seemed silly - especially since I never did a favorites of 2013.

Karen was kind enough to send me a couple of sets of Salon Effects nail polish strips to try out - I have never tried the strips so it's going to be interesting to see how I like those. They are, let's see (I had to find where they put the names!) - Wicked Bamboo, a sort of neutral stripe, and Running Wild, which is a tiger-print, looks like.

(This may be my last "fall" manicure - we'll see, but I've been eyeing the Christmas colors. Aragon next, probably.)

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