Monday, May 8, 2017

Pahlish stash & a favorite

I was thinking about doing all my indies in one big group, but I decided I have too many of them for that. The brand I have the most of is Dollish Polish, but I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of those yet. Instead I have Pahlish, which is maybe #3, quantity-wise, our of the indies. (#2 is Lynnderella.)

I have a whopping five Pahlish polishes:
The two on the left were a "Trim the Tree" duo, Boughs of Holly and Yuletide Treasure. The other three are Blood Of The Mountain, Pyrite, and Electrique. Actually the reason I decided to go ahead and do Pahlish now was because I wanted to reswatch Blood Of The Mountain. And I did that and I'm glad I did, because now I can't figure out what I ever thought was wrong with it. It's a very brownish-red holo and I don't know, maybe I expected something else, but I like it now. It's going in my "save for fall" group along with all the browns and such in my collection. (But don't worry, I'll post those swatches first.)

I decided I only get to choose one favorite, since I only have five of them. And that's definitely Pyrite. I'll do separate swatch posts for all these later, but Pyrite is a really awesome brassy gold. (See here if you can't bear to wait.) Even though I have a lot of gold polishes, Pyrite stands out.

And  Yuletide Treasure gets the runner-up spot, even though I'm not as much into the holiday glitters as I was a couple of years ago. It's still really pretty.

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