Monday, May 22, 2017


Here is Zoya Lotus, which was in my top 10 Zoya polishes:
This is a very grayed out purple, with some brighter purple shimmer that you can see in the bottle but not so much on the wheel, or at least not so strongly. It's a beautiful polish, which is of course why I put it in my top 10. But I've been thinking ever since that that was a weird pick given that I've never worn it much. There are favorites that you love academically speaking, but not so much in real life, you know what I mean? This is one of those where I look at it and say, "Oh, I ought to wear this more," but somehow it rarely happens. My spreadsheet says I've had this since 2012, so five years or nearly so (longer than I've had this blog, probably) and I've worn it maybe three times. Maybe.

This was the first set of favorites I picked and since then I've used actually wearing a polish as one of the criteria. This is undeniably a beautiful polish, as I said above - and yet if I ever do another top 10 Zoyas, don't expect to see this there - unless I've changed my past pattern and actually worn it more in the mean time.

(If you think you'll wear it more than I have, it is still available.)

Note: if anybody had noticed that my pattern the last few weeks has been to do a favorites post on Mondays, well, it's not going to be up today. I'm shooting for tomorrow. It's China Glaze and I'm being extremely indecisive about it.

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