Tuesday, May 23, 2017

China Glaze favorites

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a great deal of trouble deciding what my favorite China Glaze polishes were. I finally came up with four of them (this picture is not great but it's all I have):
L-R: Travel In Colour, Ruby Pumps, Put A Bow On It, Glitter All The Way

Two of these are kinda gimmes: Ruby Pumps is on pretty much everybody's favorites list everywhere, and Travel In Colour, which I love so much I had four bottles of it, at one point. (I think I'm down to three now. It only comes as a mini, though, which is partly why four bottles seemed reasonable.)

Actually Travel In Colour is the only one that stayed firmly on the list the whole time. Ruby Pumps got axed at one point on the "I really haven't worn it that much" point that I was talking about the other day, but then I put it back again, because it's so awesome I just don't care that I haven't worn it. Other polishes that didn't make the final cut: Bat My Eyes, All Wrapped Up, Are You Jelly? and Dorothy Who? - I guess we can consider those honorable mentions.

I did some swatching on these and I'll put some of those pictures up separately later on, but there are a few I wanted to go ahead and talk about.

I guess one thing I should say is that I have 24 China Glaze polishes, and the only reason I have that many is because I won a whole baker's dozen of them several years ago in a blog giveaway. It wasn't PR and so I guess it doesn't really require a disclaimer in that sense, but still, I did get them for free. So there's your disclosure. (Although this isn't even the original bottle of Travel In Colour, which means the only actual freebie bottle in these four is Put A Bow On It. See below for more on that.)

Travel In Colour was my immediate favorite of the bunch - which was called Happy Holiglaze, and this is the blog post from Polish Insomniac that resulted in my getting these polishes. It was just your basic random drawing.

There were three microglitters out of the remaining dozen polishes in the that collection which were my particular favorites. One made my favorites list (Put A Bow On It), another one got Honorable Mention aka runners-up (that was All Wrapped Up) and there's also a third one, This Is Tree-mendous. Basically, I hesitated between them, and eventually I put Put A Bow On It there as a representative of the group. They're almost exactly alike except for the color. Like so:
Pick your favorite. (L-R: All Wrapped Up, Put A Bow On It, This Is Tree-mendous)

(I hope this is reasonably coherent, because I am totally falling asleep right now. Good night - or good morning, to people with more run-of-the-mill schedules than mine. I'm going to bed now.)

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