Friday, May 19, 2017

Mimi NOTD + swatch

Here is Zoya Mimi - which wasn't in my Zoya favorites because I didn't have it yet when I did my favorites back in March but might now be a contender if I did it over!
Zoya calls it "a royal purple sparkling metallic with cool undertones." This is from the original sparkle collection, which means it's what most people would call a glass-fleck polish, even if Zoya chooses not to call it that. I did it first as two coats + matte top-coat (like I do with everything lately) but after a day it was chipping a bit and I slapped a third coat on without any topcoat, which means it's basically back to its natural finish here.

I don't know quite why it looks darker above than it does on the wheel swatch:
According to my chicken-scratches there, this is three coats as well. It is different lighting, though - I took the NOTD picture at work, and I always do the wheel swatches at home. (I can't quite see schlepping bottles of nail polish to work to take pictures!)

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