Monday, May 15, 2017

Deborah Lippmann stash - & a favorite

This is my (rather small) Deborah Lippmann stash:
L-R, this is All Night Long, Dark Side Of The Moon, Good Girl Gone Bad, Mermaid's Dream, Let's Go Crazy, Shake Your Money Maker.

Lippmann polishes are very expensive, of course, but I think the only one of these that I paid full price for was All Night Long. I got Dark Side Of The Moon in one of those promo things that used to do, spend x amount of money and get a FREE LIPPMANN POLISH!! (They picked the polish, of course.) And then I got Good Girl Gone Bad from a blog sale. And the other three (the three on the right) I got as a gift, and I can pretty much guarantee that the purchaser didn't pay full price for those either, because she works at a department store, so she presumably got a hefty discount.

I'll do the same as I did for Pahlish since the numbers are similar - I get to pick a favorite and one honorable mention. This one is pretty easy - Mermaid's Dream is the favorite - I wouldn't have guessed it that the time I got it but it's been a clear winner ever since I saw it in person. And then for the runner up, I've gotta go with Good Girl Gone Bad.

I haven't actually worn this one much, but I think I will eventually. I need to tell myself that it's more of a pinky-plum color than a red, which is true and I think will make me more likely to use it, if I can remember that and not just lump it in with the reds in the future.

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