Saturday, May 27, 2017

Destash: China Glaze glitters

I didn't start out intending to destash all the big glitter out of the Holiglaze collection, but I think that's what I am going to end up doing. The smaller glitters are another matter, but I'm pretty sure all three of the big ones are going away.

This is Your Present Required:
The name of it has always bothered me, for one thing - it's a very labored pun, at best. And this combination of rose-pink and blue just isn't that fabulous. I think I liked it at the time I first got these polishes, but I was in the mood to be pleased, then. Now, it doesn't grab me. I don't like it enough to put up with the pain of removing it, if I was actually to wear it again. So that's one down.

Bells Will Be Blinging is one I was thinking I might keep.
But looking at it on the wheel, I feel pretty meh about it. It's pretty but it's not that exciting. Also I think it has bar glitter in it, which is always a strike against. I have other blue-and-silver things that are less of a pain than this. So that's two down.

(added: I also talked about this polish here.)

#3 is Be Merry, Be Bright - although so far I haven't found the actual bottle-and-wheel picture. If I find it I'll put it in, but in the meantime, I think you can get the general idea without it. On the wheel above, it's the polish above Bells Will Be Blinging. It looks similar to Your Present Required on the wheel but it's really not. I think I wore it with a matching undercoat when I first got it, and it looked really pretty.
And I really thought this one would survive, but no. Like I said, I think all three of them are going away. (added: here's the bottle-and-wheel picture)

There's one more out of this bunch that had already been in the destash box - that's There's Snow One Like You, the white texture. And I think there's one more that's going there, that I'll talk about later. But hey, I'm still keeping eight out of the original 13, that's not a bad percentage.

The reason I don't normally buy full collections is because I know my own taste, and I usually get a pretty good idea from looking at pictures of what I will and won't wear. So I don't see any point in wasting money on what I won't! In this case I didn't buy these in the first place, which is partly why I still have the full set. But there's still no point in keeping the ones I've worn once in over three years and don't think I'm likely to wear again.

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