Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NOTD: Good Girl Gone Bad

I finally wore Lippmann Good Girl Gone Bad, which I think I've had for about a year. It's really pretty and I wore it both matte and shiny and for once I have pictures of both, although I don't think they do it justice.

It's plummy and dark and glittery, that's about all I have to say about the color. I did it matte first:
This is two coats, I think? with probably Superfood base-coat and Matte Me Crazy on top, and as you can see it was wanting to chip a little, but I had had this on for a day or more before this, so nothing too awful. Come to think of it, I think I put a different top-coat under the matte top-coat, too, which was maybe the old Revlon Colorstay one - because this polish is very textured and I ran out of Glitter Food.

So I patched it up, as I often do, and this time I put shiny top-coat on - although quite honestly I'm not sure at all which one that was, possibly Revlon again:
You can see that it's wanting to chip a bit at the tips there but on the whole this lasted pretty well. And you really can't see that original chip here, so I call this a win. I like it both ways.

Added: I notice that I was talking about the "is it a plum or a red?" issue when I swatched this last year. But it's pretty definitely plum-leaning, even though I'm sure you can find people calling it a red. Here's the swatch that I did a couple of weeks ago, for more evidence:

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