Friday, May 12, 2017

Destash: Optical Illusion

I'm pretty sure SpaRitual Optical Illusion here is going in the destash collection:
As you can see, it's much yellower on the wheel than it is in the bottle - I think this is three coats on the wheel (and if you can read my writing there, it's #12). If you put on a whole bunch of coats - like, four or five, as I recall - it eventually gets close to the bottle color but the coats tend to go on thin so it takes a lot of them. This is a pretty polish in a way, but it's much too yellow for my taste. That was okay when I bought it because it's basically why I bought it - that is, I bought it as a substitute for some of those funky Halloween greens like It's Alive that I was having trouble finding. However, now that I actually own It's Alive (thanks to Amazon), this is really superfluous.

Incidentally, this is the one and only SpaRitual polish that I own. So this is also my SpaRitual stash, such as it is. I have single polishes of a number of brands, so what you're probably going to get later is one big post, or possibly several smaller ones, full of singles. But since I decided this one needed to go, I'm not going to show it again later.

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