Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fairy Lights (NOTD + swatch)

Here is Pretty Serious Fairy Lights:
This looks pretty good, considering that I had had this on for several days before this was taken - however, I have to tell you that my right hand* looked considerably more ragged. Still, with a pale polish like this, I doubt that anybody but me noticed. (Looking at that picture, now I'm wondering if anybody noticed my ridgy nails, but I doubt it.)

Here's the swatch of Fairy Lights:
I know you can't see a whole lot in the swatch, but you can see enough to get the idea, a bit. I believe when I bought this, I thought what I was getting was something a bit different than it turned out to be. It was on a page with some of the Cocktail Crush top-coats, and I got it in my head that this was part of that set - it was a fairly reasonable assumption, really, that since they looked alike in the pictures, they were really alike. I remember wondering why I bought this and Mojito too - but Mojito is a top-coat and Fairy Lights really isn't. It's a silvery-white with some pastel sparkle. I mentioned this in the haul entry. It's not 100% opaque even with three coats, so if you have issues with having any visible nail line at all you may not want this. But aside from that this is a really beautiful polish.

*Not long ago somebody asked me if my right hand was my dominant hand, and I was like, "Weeeelll..." because I am actually left-handed. But I've always been pretty ambidextrous and while I write left-handed, I do some things both ways (this used to be occasionally very useful for things like playing pool) and others right-handed. I learned to manipulate a mouse right-handed because I didn't know there was such a thing as a left-handed mouse, back when. So oddly, nowadays my right hand actually seems to be more dominant, mostly because I play computer games on a PC with a mouse, I think! And one of the ways this noticeably shows up is that the nails on my right hand generally get more wear than the left.

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