Wednesday, May 31, 2017

NOTD: Expresso (aka "What color is this?")

This is not by any means a great picture - I grab the Insta-Dri when I want to slap something on in a hurry, and it shows - but I hadn't worn this polish before and I wasn't super clear on what color this was when I swatched it before, so I wanted to update about that. This is Insta-Dri Expresso:
(This is just one coat, no top-coat, and obviously not cleaned up much, either.)

What I wanted to comment on was that in the bottle it looks like a very dusty pink. But I've always worked under the assumption that "Expresso" is not a typo (but rather a pun of the type that quick-dry polishes like Insta-Dri and Top Speed and Jet Set have always been terribly fond of) - and really when I ordered it I was thinking it was going to be something more brown. It still looks pink-ish in this picture, but on my hands what I thought this looked like was a brick red. Which in a sense is not actually far off from what I was thinking - a combination of brown tones and pink/red tones. You don't think of "dusty rose" as being anything like the same thing as "brick red" but I guess really they are not as different as I tend to think.

(I've been using "what color is this" as a tag - or a "label" as Blogger calls it - for a while now, but it finally occurred to me that it's not a bad thing to put in the title, too. I love to nitpick about colors & names so maybe it can be a new series!)

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