Thursday, June 1, 2017

TBT: various fuchsias

I used to wear bright pinks all the time, especially along about 5 years ago just before I started this blog, and then I got tired of them and didn't wear them much for a long time. But now I seem to be feeling them again, so I thought I'd pull some out of the vault.

I was really big on Zoya Chloe, for a long time, so Chloe-over-pink figured big in manicure pictures early on. This one was labeled "chloe-jetset" and I think the Jet Set color in question may be called Hasty.
I mentioned something the other day about quick-dry polish names, and I actually know a good bit about that subject because a great deal of my stash in the early 2000s was quick-dry polishes, especially Top Speed (which is Revlon) and Jet Set (L'Oreal). I think they still make Top Speed, don't they, but Jet Set has gone into the great polish beyond as far as I know.

Look, here's some old Jet Set polishes - Hasty is the Jet Set Shine one, as you might guess.

This one is a jelly sandwich - Zoya Paloma over Zoya Luna. It's a classic, as far as I'm concerned.
(I guess it's more properly a berry-ish color than a fuchsia, but I'm going to let it pass, because I like it!)

This is what I'm wearing now, and I didn't even remember ever having worn it before - it's China Glaze Santa Red My List.
This is the old manicure - typically messy - but I put it on last night over Expresso because it sorta kinda seemed to coordinate. Anyway, it's a pinky-red metallic and it's really pretty. That's what made me think I was feeling these colors again.

This says "flirt" which I think is a Picture Polish color. I remembered as being darker than this.
Maybe I'll have to give it another try.

One more, and then I'll stop - this is Ichi Hanami. Not a great picture but I really like the polish.

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