Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sephora/Tarte birthday set

Everybody who has a Sephora account and has their birthday in the first half of the year has probably seen this already, but oh well, I finally remembered to take pictures of it and I'm showing them to you anyway.

Have I got that right that you just have to have a Sephora account? I think I do. So-called Beauty Insiders. (I was always a Beauty Insider until Sephora Flash was invented, and since then I've been a VIB - which pretty much tells you that I rarely go inside the physical Sephora stores. So I think I knew for quite a few years that I could get a freebie if I went to Sephora around my birthday but I could never remember/be bothered to actually do it.)

So anyway, this year we have Tarte items - I think the alternate choice was some skincare set  which I've forgotten already. Not that I'm not all into the skincare, because I totally am, but I pretty much have every skincare sample that Sephora's given out in the last several years two or three times over. So I figured I'd be different and go with the makeup.
It's two items: Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Paaarty, and Tarteist creamy matte lip paint in Birthday Suit. They're mini-size, but pretty generous ones.
The colors are a bit more neutral than I really prefer, but I feel like I can make them work. I imagine it's difficult to please everybody with one color choice.

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