Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wet n Wild highlighter & pigments

Here's the last installment of my Wet n Wild haul - this was what started it, the "Unicorn Glow" collection, which is limited edition. There was a whole set of this stuff, but the set was sold out, and I was happy not to be tempted - I really wasn't sold thoroughly enough that I thought I really needed to buy the whole kit & caboodle. On the other hand, I can maybe justify some selective dabbling, since I have younger cousins who will be happy to get whatever I decide I don't want.

I'm pretty sure some of my cousins will end up with the hero product, the Unicorn Glow highlighter:
Not only is it all rainbow-colored but it's very glittery. I also bought a more subdued version as an alternative, thinking I was more likely to actually wear that, but it's just as glittery so I imagine both of these will get passed along unopened, really.

The pigments I am going to at least experiment with a little - I bought two of them, purple and blue:

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