Saturday, June 3, 2017


Here is Zoya Daul, which was in my top 10 favorite Zoyas:
Zoya describes it as "a medium red-toned purple base with heavy purple and gold iridescent metallic sparkle. The shiny gold sparkle makes this shimmering purple polish extra bright and lively."

Here's where I talked about it before (a year or so ago). I find this color really confusing sometimes, and if you follow that link you can probably tell I was feeling confused by it that day. It's one of those colors that looks really different on different days and in different lights. In this picture it pretty much matches Zoya's description that talks about purple and gold sparkle. But other times it looks murkier and that's where the confusion comes in. Still, it always looks pretty good, even in the murky mode, so how much can you complain?

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